Monday, June 8, 2009

A Filmmaker's Reflection

This unit I learned about the Hub and making documentaries. Honestly, at first I didn't know what the Hub was. When you do learn about it, you would want to make changes about it to make something that is worth changing. If you are still learning what the Hub is, the Hub is 3rd Ave and 149 St. It's an area where you shop where the prices are cheap. This is a place that will help the economy and help the people to get jobs. My goal for this documentary is to work hard to at least accomplish something that we are trying to do to make the Hub a better a place to shop and by doing that we are persuading people to see the stuff we could actually do to this place. What I want the people to do when they see my documentary and my site is shopping at the Hub and visiting more often then they do to show other people that is a good place to go.

Yes, I do believe kids can inspire and change the world because every kid have a potential to do anything!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing Documentaries

What I think they had to do to make this documentary is to try to find people who could act very good, also where they want the setting to be . I noticed what they used was text telling us why they made this documentary at the beginning and at the end where they show actor name and that was a good idea so if i got confused it told me their name, like who was acting who. Also they use colors at first, it was black and white when he was getting bully and it ended up with colors when he ended his pain and give up on life. Although I have to say my favorite part was when he hit the wall and started to bleed just because their faces turn into a question like what had they done, but i still haven't gotten why they still bully him. If I would of made this documentary I would of change the actors and made them real people that had been bully and had feel the emotions of getting bully and I would of the text more heart-rending and make people feel the pain and make them want to change something at least. I think this response to this documentaries is different than my other response to a book or newspaper because is base on a kid who has been bully and for the fact that i am a student, i wont like the feeling of getting bully so I do think this topic is more important because i am a child and I know if I do get bully I would of end up destroying my life .

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Book club Responded

The dairy of Anne Frank is mostly about her feelings and where she wrote her experiences that happen to her during this period. She had no one that she trust to talk to, or have any one at all that she could talk to. Anne thought’s effect many people life and It’s change many other people. This Dairy is very touching to people but mostly for teen ages girl. Anne is a normal girl who went through a lot to survey but sadly she didn’t make it but her father did. What happen was that Anne and her family went through hiding because the Nazi attack where they were living and they had no choise but go into hiding or if not they were going to send them to a camp where they kept all the jews. They were hiding for many years and they were so close to survey because the war was ending, but instead the Nazi caught them and took them away. Anne frank father had a chance to stay because he was part of the army but he couldn’t let his family go so he went also. The Nazi took them to the camp and days had pass and each day part of Anne family were dying. Anne, had almost made to freedom but then she had died for catching a disdaste that she was surveying of hungry. As the few day’s pass the war end, Anne would of stayed alive if she could of survey the disise that she had ., but instead her father made it through and

There's many people that I could give in example that do have the same problem or life situation of Anne Frank, For example I could say that I am an a example just because what she was going through at the beginning could relate to me. She and her mother doesn't get along or her sister but step for her father. Although she live in a different place and where she form is different but how she feel and how she act around her friend and when she is with no one she feel this pain that no one know but her self or her dairy. Also, the way that she take out her feeling is writing but instead I draw.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My short Story introduction

Katie fasten the door on her mother face, all you could of seen on the wooden floor was a poodle of tear’s. She looked around, and sat on the floor, as you heard her whisper,

"seriously, i despise my life, it’s abashed that I talk to a teddy bear. Why can’t this women understand what I am growing through..."

but i could see why, because her mother could try her best to get something out of Katie but every time you see her, Katie remind quite. it was cruel for her to slam the door in her face , but for her, it was worth it for the meaning that she didn't want to see anyone for the cause that happen today in school.
This afternoon i saw her sauntering through the school hallway, with a emotion written all over her face, is like when i gaze at her i could feel her pain that she is going through. I
guess i am the only person in this whole creepy, shadowy, dusty school that understand her. Katie as told me once that she picture us, the students as monster gazing at her and that she has before drew picture to take out her unpleasant thought.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dairy Of Anne Frank.

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In my own Words:

Anne frank is a normal teen girl, she might be different to other's in the pass but if you get into her place and understand her feeling and thought's you would see that she not different. She experiences me and many other people, i could say that she is a other me. I learn A lot About her and Honestly i love learning about her.

Dear Kitty,

Now, i am talking to my self because if i don't chat i guess people not going to get annoyed by me. It seem everyone is happy when i don't, other wise it better that people don't hear my own opinion, i don't think my opinion is stupid or anything but other's do. I am laying down with a feeling of miserable just because there's no really freedom for me, i wish that the light will come already. Every morning i open a inch of my window to get a fresh air and cause of that it keep me awake and when someone come from the outside i can't stop my self of thinking, just looking at them with coldness and their red face ... I know kitty sometime i don't understand myself etheir, Although that enough of writing for today.

Your Anne.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sonnet Poem 29 - William shakespear

The sonnet poem 29 made by William Shakespeare had transform and reorder people life's. The theme of this poem is gloomy, depressed and also not having someone there, i know this because according to a video there this man called Daniel McCall. Daniel is 81 years old, He talked about how this poem helped him in life such as when he in a inferior situation like when he was is war, and other bad part, he keep this whole poem in his head saying it over and over. I also understand him how he felt so alone because he's mother died when he was 8months and that is really hard to grow up without a mother there. My life compares to this poem because i feel i am the outcast and Wishing i did had more hope in life and in myself. Although i have a family and of course a mother i just have a feeling that i am the only person in this world.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still l Rise by maya angelou

This poem relate to one of my themes in my own life because it seem like someone hate her, hurting her feeling's but also treating her like badly and still she rise up high without giving up although that is what she trying to say, from that quote it helps in life.
This poem also relate to a poem called " the bruised love" By Chankara Troupe because like how her boyfriend is abusing her she keeps getting up until she get rather him but if it takes long, she would keep trying even if it takes months until at the end she is not with him.